1. San Diego Guns

    Selling your guns San Diego has never been easier. San Diego Gun Buyer educates our customers, so they can make informed decisions when selling a firearm. Our firearm experience spans many years, We pay some of the highest prices in San Diego County for guns & firearms, and payments are available immediately.

  1. Sell Your Guns

    From one firearm to an entire collection, San Diego Gun Buyer, buys and sells San Diego Guns. We can make you same day, immediate offers to purchase your firearms. Have questions on how much you can expect for the condition of your gun? Give us a call. We are always buying guns and paying top prices. No gun store in San Diego County, North or South, pays better prices than we do for used guns. No collection is too large or too small. We also beat competitor's prices. Give us a call today whether you are selling guns, ammo, knives, swords, militaria, or other related items.

  1. F.A.Q.

    1. What do I need to sell a gun in San Diego?
    In order for San Diego Gun Buyer to purchase your firearm we will need you to have a valid ID. Any state issued Drivers License, Identification Card, Passport or Passport Card, or Military ID.

    2. The gun was originally owned by my relative, can I sell it?
    If the gun is now yours yes you can sell it.

    3. I don't have any paperwork on the gun. Do I need this to sell it?
    You do not need any paperwork on the firearm to sell it, only your ID.

    4. I have to surrender or sell my guns due to a court order, can you provide me with a receipt showing that I sold the guns to you?
    Yes we often buy guns that must be surrendered. We can provide you with documentation for the court.

    5. I have guns that the police department has seized. Can I sell them to you?
    Yes. If the local Police Department says you can sell them we can travel to view the guns and purchase them.

    6. My gun is very old and has no serial number can this be sold?
    If the gun was made before serial numbers were required then yes you can sell it.